August 30, 2013

Emergency Care

Vincenzo Artino, DDS & Steven Baumgart, DDS dr-steven-baumgart-dds2 Emergency Care  Emergency Special:

Xray and Limited Exam
Only-$50 Regularly $105

Dental Pain? Toothache?

At Steve Baumgart DDS, we are always available to treat any kind of dental emergency.
Our Current Specials: X-ray/ Dental Emergency Exams for $50 ($105- Regular Price).
To book an appointment, call us today at (720) 763-9070. We strive to see patients the same day for emergency services during our regular office hours.

What causes dental pain?
Dental pain can be caused by a wide variety of reasons. Some of the most commonly found reasons for dental pain have been listed below:

Abscessed or Infected Tooth
Inflamed Tooth Nerve
Cavity or Decayed Tooth
Broken Tooth
Exposed Root Surface
TMJ Related Pain
Cracked Tooth
Broken Filling
Sinus problems may often mimic toothaches

How do we treat dental pain and provide relief?
Steve Baumgart DDS can help determine the reason for dental pain and provide various solutions based on the problem.

Step 1: Call us at 303-238-4875 to book a next day or same day Emergency Dental Appointment. If you are nervous about the procedure, please request a phone consultation with the doctor before your visit. Steve Baumgart DDS is always available to discuss any dental concerns you may have.

Step 2: Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time for filling out the paperwork.

Step 3: Talk to the Dental Assistant about your dental problems. Our Dental Assistant will take the necessary x-ray for the concerned area. (For patients with several different issues, additional x-rays can be taken for an added charge).

Step 4: Talk to Steve Baumgart DDS about your dental problems. He will review the x-ray, examine the area of concern and will discuss the treatment options available for the problem.

Step 5: Our staff members will discuss the treatment cost with you. Treatment can be conducted at the same time, time permitting. The doctor may also provide prescriptions to help you handle the pain while we provide you another appointment for our earliest opening or next day.

Step 6: We also provide third party care credit financing for patients that have concerns about finances. Generally, those who get approved for credit cards would be able to get care credit approval. In several scenarios, no-interest options are also available with care credit.

What procedures are available for alleviating pain?
There are several different solutions available to alleviate dental pain. Some of the common procedures we use are:

Desensitizing Agents
Sedative Fillings
Root Canals
Fluoride Varnishes
Tooth Extractions

For more information about the procedures listed above, please click on the appropriate links. Feel free to call us on 303-238-4875 for more information on how we can help you with dental pain.


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